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        Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dr. Dot's Gifted Children's Page

Dr. Dorothy Funk-Werblo (Dr. Dot) is Gulf Coast Mensa's resident expert on gifted children and education. She is a Texas Certified Professional Educational Diagnostician. For more information on her background and references see the bottom of this page. Dr. Dot won the 2003 Publication Recognition Program "Special Mention" award for this page.

Dr. Dot with RVC Rik Hess
Dr. Dorothy Funk-Werblo with (past) Region Six RVC Rik Hess

This page will be updated periodically with Articles and information from Dr. Dot on Gifted Children and Education. Please note:  All articles and material on this page are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the author.

Gifted Children Links

Gifted Children Books

Ask Dr. Dot

If you have a question about a gifted child or education in general, Ask Dr. Dot

The "Ask Dr. Dot" form has taken off phenomenally!  Both Dr. Dot and I are thrilled to be able to help so many parents (me by just passing along the feedback questions to her). We are finding that these types of questions aren't very easy to answer by email, or even in an article (as Dr. Dot did with one question). It takes a much more personal communication to help a child, each of whom is his/her own little individual self!  It will be helpful if you put your phone number in the feedback form so I can forward that to Dr. Dot along with your question (only Dr. Dot and I will see your phone number and we're both Dyslexic - so we won't be able to repeat it to anyone ;>  ). I'm always on my computer, and I can usually get in touch with Dr. Dot, so you may hear your phone ringing within an hour of having posted your question. Dr. Dot is such a beautiful, caring person, and I'm sure you will be amazed at how much she knows about children and education.

Dr. Dot's recommended links:

An "Ask Dr. Dot" question included, "Can you recommend any good books for and about gifted children?" 

Dr. Dot answered:  Dr. Dot's recommendation of a resource for these books is Free Spirit Publications, on the web at http://www.freespirit.com/. They are the providers of the "Survival Guides" for gifted children and their parents. Dr. Dot says that they provide authenticity and only the very best. She would appreciate it if you could include this link under your "Gifted Children" or "Books" pages.

Dr. Dot has also volunteered to provide a review of the books she recommends. If you would like more information, you can contact her at drdot@hal-pc.org. [Please note that these recommendations and the offer for reviews is not a part of her association or work with the Gifted Children Committee, these are her personal recommendations.]

An "Ask Dr. Dot" question included, "...Can you recommend any schools for gifted children?"  

Dr. Dot answered, "I endorse the TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM. They have a K-12 Dual credit and a CBEs K-2 program. For information, the web site is http://www.dce.ttu.edu, or one may call toll free 1 800 MY COURSE. For the parent of a child in grades 1-5 there is a charge of $28 per subject for Credit by Examination (CBE). A CBE for grades 6-12 is $28 per 1/2-unit credit. This seems to me a solution for the child who is advanced in knowledge but stuck in an age related grade. The E-Mail address is distlearn@ttu.edu  There is some red tape but compared to being stuck in a bad situation it is nothing. I would appreciate hearing of the experiences of parents with this program."

An "Ask Dr. Dot" question included, "...Any summer school programs that you could recommend that would help him with his interaction skills (staying focused and thus carrying out the oral directives?)"  

Dr. Dot answered, "Summer activities for children:   Our Kids, a free newspaper, has an excellent list of summer activities. Libraries and some stores carry it. If you do not find the current issue, call them ...This list is more comprehensive than any I have seen elsewhere."   The phone  number for Our Kids is 713-781-7306.

If you have a question about gifted children, or education in general, please fill in the following form and it will be sent to Dr. Funk-Werblo. NOTE: You must enter your name and email in order to receive feedback.

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"Enhancing the Lives of Our Gifted Children" articles:

Choosing A School Intelligence vs. IQ Score

Choosing A School

(NOTE: This article is in response to an "Ask Dr. Dot" question:  "Where in Houston are there good private high schools for gifted children?"

It isn't easy!  There are many schools listed in the Yellow Pages. There are good public and good private schools. In order to make a wise choice both the parent and child should visit the school.

The question that was asked concerned private high schools for gifted children. I would like to state there are also some very good public high schools. Some general concerns that should be addressed:

First and foremost is the child and school compatibility. By this I mean a highly creative child will not fit in a school that has a high emphasis on preparing the child to score high on the SAT.  

Second, a parent must read the contract carefully before signing it. Is there an escape clause?  For example, one parent chose a school for its excellent teachers. In September four of the teachers had been replaced.

Third, ask about discipline. As a consular I have many clients who bear the psychological scars of physical or mental abuse. Spanking and/or "pops" are unacceptable. I have heard teachers call children stupid. This has a negative effect on learning. Check it out by visiting the classes.

Fourth, ask about the credentials of the staff. Ask if the math teachers have certification in math and so on.

Fifth, check out the library. I visited a private school which had one large room with junk food and drinks. There was only one bookcase. Ask about the availability of computers.

Sixth, ask for a written copy of their philosophy.

Seventh, find out what colleges accept their graduates.

Eighth, the parent and student should VISIT the school and observe a few classes. Look for student/teacher interaction.

Ninth, investigate special interest public schools. Bellaire High School offers the International Baccalaureate program. The HISD High School for the Performing Arts is highly rated. There are other special schools in HISD that are geared to special interests.

Tenth, investigate, as the high school years are important to your child's future. Most of the above comments (or commandments) also apply to elementary and middle schools. I would also consider travel time.

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Intelligence vs. IQ Score

It is essential to distinguish between intelligence and the IQ score. Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand from experience. The IQ score is the score on a group or individual test. IQ scores change. The person's intelligence may be higher than the IQ score.

Some factors to consider when speaking of IQ:

Which test was given:

*Mensa accepts over 100 different intelligence tests.

Two tests are given by Mensa proctors. A person's score on either test is accepted if it is at or above the 98th percentile.

Was the test a group or individual test:

Generally speaking, group tests have value in that many are tested at the same time under the same conditions. Research has shown that a person usually scores higher on an individual test than on a group test.

What factors influence the score on an intelligence test:

*The test environment:

The physical environment includes temperature, lighting conditions, comfort of seating and the like.
The emotional environment of both the examiner and the testee.

*The adherence to standardization.
*The integrity of the examiner.
*The attitude of the examiner.
*The attitude of the testee.
*The experience of the testee with the format of the test.
*The appropriateness of the test.

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Dr. Dorothy Funk-Werblo - Background and References

Education: B.S. Indiana State Teachers College
  M.A. University of Minnesota
  Ed.D. University of Georgia
    University of Southern California
    University of Wisconsin
Scholarships:   Inter-American Affairs - University of Denver
    Writers Conference - Non-fiction - Indiana University
    National Science Foundation Grant - Columbia University
Teaching Experience: Hammond Public Schools - Gr. 4, 5, 6, and Middle School
  Central YMCA - Chicago Illinois, English and World Literature
  Indiana State University - Editorial and Magazine Article Writing.   
Consultant:  Nutrition workshop.
  Indiana University Extension, Calumet Center - Lecturer: "Down
Mexico Way" -- Supervising Teacher
  Southern Illinois University, State of Illinois - Edwardsville District No. 7 Schools - Seminar Leader for Institute on Productive-Creative Thinking
  Purdue University - Supervising Teacher -- Guest Lecturer, Educational Psychology, Psychology, Mental Measurements
  University of Georgia - Educational Psychology - Human Development - Characteristics of the Gifted - Strategies of Teaching the Gifted - Teaching the Culturally Disadvantaged - Assistant Director of Challenge 70 - Intermediate Teacher, Challenge 70 - Jr. High Science Teacher, Challenge 72
Journalist: Assistant Editor: World News of the Week
  Book Reviewer: Lake County Star
  Freelance writer and Photographer:
    Bulletin of the Indiana State Board of Health
    Journal of Exceptional Children (with Dr. Paul Torrance)
    The Indiana Teacher
    Middle-Grade Activities
    McKeel's Weekly Stamp News
    Ceramics Monthly
    The Grade Teacher
    Elementary School Notes
    Science and Children
  Consultant for developing teaching transparencies - National Cereal Institute
Workshops and In-Service Meetings: Science for:
    National Science Teachers Association
    Indiana State Teachers Association
    Hammond Public Schools
    HASTI (Hoosier Association for Science Teachers, Inc.)
  Reading - Creativity - Individualized Instruction
  The Open Classroom - The Gifted Child


Teaching Experience:

  • University of Houston -- Education of the Gifted, Characteristics of the Gifted; Extension classes in Friendswood and Ft. Bend
  • Friendswood -- Director of Elementary Gifted Program; Director of Jr. High Gifted Program
  • Houston Independent School District -- Middle School Teacher

Media Experience:

  • Journal of the Illinois Council for the Gifted:  article on issues in gifted education
  • Executive producer and consultant for Gifted Children: Our Untapped Resource. Winner of two international film awards
  • Appearance on local and national TV shows
  • Author of articles appearing in: Chime, InforMensa, the Mensa Bulletin, and other P.R.
  • Special editor for Gifted children's issue of InforMensa

Mensa Offices Held:

  • National Advocate for the Intellectually Gifted
  • Elected member of Gulf Coast Mensa Board of Directors
  • Test Proctor (Ill., Ind., and Tex.)
  • State and Local Coordinator of Gifted Programs (Ill. and Tex.)
  • Chairman of the Be An Angel Fund Drive
  • Chairman and creator of Awards for Gifted: A community service program for gifted children

Intertel Office Held:

  • National Acting Membership Officer

National Association for the Fostering of Intelligence:

  • Start-up advisory board and founding member

National Association for Gifted Children:

  • Member

Texas Institute for Indian Studies:

  • Start-up advisory board and founding member


  • Art That Heals

Certified Hypnotherapist


  • Creativity and Neatness
  • Productive Thinking
  • Goal Setting Magic
  • Are You Psychic
  • Networking
  • Igniter Phrases
  • Ways to Win
  • Biorhythm
  • Issues in Education
  • Take Off Their Masks (Reading Problems)
  • Mind Mapping and Self Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • What Works
  • Why IQ Tests
  • Charka
  • 100 Ways To Be Gifted
  • Chaos
  • Be A Change Agent
  • Tips For Teachers
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Cat And Dog Learners
1997 Established Dr. Dot's Diagnostic Center
1997 Speaker: World Council of Gifted and Talented
1997, 1998, 1999 Speaker: Carmel Temple
1998 Speaker:  National meeting of American Creativity Association
1998 Publicity Chair for National meeting of ACA
1999 Author of lead chapter in college text
1999 Proposals for NAGC and TAGT
1999 Speaker: Houston RG
1999 Speaker at Chicago Mensa Halloweem
1999 Appointed member of American Mensa's Gifted Children Program Committee
1999 Appointed Mensa International Ltd. Gifted Children Program Coordinator
1999 Speaker: Texas Association of Gifted and Talented
2000 Author of article: Ill. Assoc. Gifted Children Journal, Feb. issue
2000 Author of lead chapter in text: " The Underserved Gifted Population" Hampton Press

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