Handsome Boyfriend - The Man of the House!

Kitty FC meatloafing on her cushion.

Boyfriend's had a hard day!

Kitty Farmcat realises that she must wake up for her photocall.

New Boyfriend Picture!

Thank you *so* much, I don't think people always realise how cheering it is when you are languishing in hospital to know you are thought about like this!

A lovely basket of flowers from rpca!

All these arrived from you all for me while I was in hospital. This picture taken in my bedroom at my cousin's house and I hope some of you recognise your cards.

Another lovely basket from rpca!

Hurray - here he is.... Boyfriend!!!!!

You've read about her, you've wondered about her, you've clamored for a look at her,

well, wait no longer - here she is.... Kitty Farm Cat!!!!!

Kitty Farm Cat